What do I mean, “Find yourself?” I’m saying forget the self-help mumbo-jumbo. Do you know why many people sit in church week after week and never experience the presence and power of God in a significant way? Because the truth is that the don’t have the revelation that the Word of God is to be experienced and not taken in as a novel or article. There is a difference in a person’s life that has understood that they are living the scriptures while they are reading the scriptures. Victorious people have learned to make the application of them both. That they are epistles written and read by all men, while they are studying to show themselves approved so that they don’t hesitate to give an answer for their hope.

Finding your life in the Word and the Word finding a life in you is how you overcome, follow, and ultimately experience the very best that God has to offer not only in this life but also in that which is to come.

It’s time to find yourself in the scriptures.