Prayer proceeds harvest. Nothing happens without prayer. That includes the reaping of your harvest. People are lazy when it comes to prayer because they don’t understand the power it brings to the world. Yes, I didn’t just say to your life, I said to the world at large.  If people understood that prayer is so powerful because it summons the very person and power of God to invade a given territory.

Prayer is also directional. Meaning that you can send prayer to any area of the world that you desire. Heck, if there are people to be saved on other planets, you can be here on earth and pray that salvation take place on Mars and cause things to be so.

The same is true for your harvest. Prayer has the same ability to move and manifest things that you planted in your heart. I believe that the quality of your harvest is directly connected to the diligence of your prayer life.  People that pray enjoy the wonder of His presence and the bounty of His provision as well.