What do you need to pursue, overtake, and reclaim in your life today? Last week, we talked about finding yourself in the scriptures. This week, I want to take the thought a little further. When you locate yourself in the Word, you are always going to be drawn back to power and dominion. You not only have the power to defeat satan at every turn, but you have the dominion to do so too!

Let me tell you the secret to finding yourself in the scriptures.  When you find Jesus in the scriptures, you find yourself there! For Christ in you the hope of glory. Hallelujah!

When you read that Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave. That means put your name there…YOU defeated death, hell, and the grave. So why are you sitting there sick, broke, unhappy, lonely, depressed, etc.? Get up and pursue victory, retake your power, and reclaim your freedom in Jesus today. Don’t just find yourself in the scriptures, come join me and BE the scriptures today!